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Einfolge is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and India’s leading Global service provider in the knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) arena which provides one stop solutions for the ever−growing needs in the fields of Patent (IPR) and Market Research Solutions for leading corporations including Fortune 500 Companies, Manufacturing Units, Research Labs and Institutions.Specifically focusing on Mobile Applications, Software Applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain Technology , Augmented Reality, IoT, 3D Printing, Medical Device , Pharmaceuticals, Biotech beside other major technologies.

Our distinctiveness relay on our customized and tailor-made service based on clients' requirements. Further, we are successful in making our clients happy irrespective of their location.

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We Worked For

From Startups to the Fortune 500 companies, We have worked with all sorts of brands, and we can proudly say that we deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Colorado State University

Solutions for Patents & IPR

Patentability Search

Our Patentability searches helps in assessing the likelihood for securing patent protection for your inventive idea.

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State of Art Search

Our State-of-art searches will help you to make informed decision in relation to your patent strategies.

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Freedom to Operate Search

Our FTO search helps in identifying potential patent barriers to the commercialization of your products or technologies.

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Invalidity Search

Our Validity/Invalidity searches help you in validating the enforceability of claims or to invalidate the claims of an allegedly infringed patent.

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Infringement Study

Our Infringement study helps you in estimating the risk of patent infringement before developing, producing, and marketing your product.

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Patent Landscape Analysis

Our Landscape report provides valuable insights on patenting trends, key players, technology white spaces and shift in technology areas.

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Patent Portfolio Analysis

Our Portfolio analysis enable clients to make informed strategic decisions typically relating to patent management & aligning patent strategies with their business strategies.

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Patent Writing/Filing

Our expert drafting team equipped with good drafting ability and technical understanding draft your idea into a patent application based on the appropriate guidelines.

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Patent Illustration/Drawing

Our approach has been carefully shaped to take the advantages of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.

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Solutions for Market & Business Research

Primary Market Research

Our Primary research reports are developed from scratch to address the specific questions or problems that are relevant to your company.

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Secondary Market Research

We provide comprehensive secondary research by using important industry-specific tools including reporting services, industry publications, and competitor data.

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Technology Market Research

Our Technology research provides multiple perspectives in order to allow for the widest possible coverage of more information of the diverse industry sectors.

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