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Patent Writing and Filing Services

At Einfolge, we understand the significance of (drafting ) patent writing and patent filing an effective patent application as the specification, especially the claims, defines the scope and extent of protecting the invention. An enforced patent with effective claims increases the value of the patent in terms of commercializing, marketing and licensing.With highly qualified patent attorney and agents with strong technical knowledge in law, science and technology and expertise in drafting and prosecuting various patent applications from different domains, we provide effective patent writing service for both Utility and Design Patent Application.

What is Patent Drafting?

Patent Drafting (writing/filing), is an art of effectively describing the best mechanism or construction of invention as per the guideline of patent office. As the specification of invention, especially claims that defines the boundary of a patent for which the protection is sought in an application.

When does Patent Writing and Filing Useful?

Even though Patent application covers the specification of the invention, it is a legal document concerning the ownership of patent. The owner of patent has exclusive rights to exclude others from using, selling, making or importing the invention or has rights to provide licensing or permission to use or sell or transfer the rights of the invention to the third party. Therefore, patent writing is useful in drafting an effective legal document that defines the scope of the invention for which the patent right is sought.


Einfolge's Patent drafting team with highly qualified Patent agent and attorney has drafted various patent applications that includes provisional, non-provisional, PCT, and design application as per the drafting guidelines and rules of various patent office such as US, UK, PCT, Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Korean, Germany, France, China and India. We have extensive services that include patent illustration , patent filing, patent prosecution and patent search.

Why Einfolge for Patent Writing and Filing?

  • We have dedicated team of patent attorneys and drafters with strong technical knowledge from various technical background, who have drafted and filed 100s of successful patent application across the globe.
  • We also draft response for office action and various other responses during the different stage of prosecution from all major patent offices.
  • Our team directly interact with the client / inventors to provide highly potential application without any shortcomings.
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