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Utility & Design Patent Drawings

At Einfolge we provide the quality utility and Design patent drawings or patent illustrations to inventors, IP related organizations, companies, IP law firms and professionals as we have highly experienced and credible in-house patent illustrators with regard to its illustration services in various science and engineering domain. We extend our services to various jurisdiction and comply with their respective regulations such as IPO, USPTO, EPO and other Patent offices.

Apart from this, Einfolge also helps in providing illustration service at substantial cost and time saving by identifying inconsistencies that an applicant might miss, which helps in reducing the future re-work. This helps in minimizing office actions or rejections during examination process.

What is Patent Illustration?

Patent illustrations are graphical representations of a creative ideas submitted by the inventors. The PTO(Patent and Trademark Offices) wants the applicant to provide the illustrations wherever the individuality of the invention can be explained better through drawings. A high-Quality illustration which makes the examination process easier.

Patent Illustrations or Patent Drawings has its roots in various categories.

  • 1. Utility Patents
  • 2. Design Patents
  • 3. Trademarks

Utility Patents: Einfolge Illustration Team helps you in preparing Utility patent drawings that protects the way an article is used and works that shows a part of a device, electrical circuits, engineering components of a system, or flow chart of a method. We also cover all the features of the claimed invention that should be clearly illustrated, where even small parts must be labeled in adequate detail to support the claims. In addition, we provide shading for the drawings in order to understand the structure or shape of the invention.

Design Patents: We also extend our service for preparing and filing Design patents which is a form of legal protection granted to the ornamental design of a product. Our Experienced Illustration Team aid the patent examiner to understand the appearance of the product. We also equipped with specialized software tools to provide unique artistic skills for showing the shape, contour and texture of the invention. We have helped varied domain of Designers and Inventors, even renowned Law firms across the Globe by providing Top-notch strategy to protect and obtain Design patent for protecting new designs of articles.

Trademarks Design: We also help in preparing trademark logos, symbols or other devices, that are used to identify your goods or services distinctive from other competitors.

When does a Patent Illustration/Drawings Useful?

Patent drawings or illustrations in patent applications are the visual form of Patent description or Invention; they aid in understanding the invention clearly. A patent application is required to contain drawings to understand the subject matter to be patented. Most patent applications contain drawings. The drawings must show every feature of the invention as specified in the claims.


Einfolge’s Illustration team has done numerous patent illustrations in all various industrial fields such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Medical and Electronical devices, Biotech and Pharmaceutical science, Chemical structures, Sequences & Trademark logo illustrations, etc., to help the clients to identify each and every feature of their inventions.

Why Einfolge for Patent Illustrations/Drawings?

  • We have dedicated team of patent illustrators with strong technical knowledge from various technical background, who have illustrated many successful patent application.
  • We provide all Patent illustration/drawing formatsin line to the client’s requirement and respective Patent office jurisdiction.
  • We prepare drawings from any source: including photos, rough hand sketches, CAD models and prototypes.
  • We use the most upgraded design and illustration software to produce clean, concise design and utility patent drawings.
  • We are capable to meet tight filing schedules for both design and utility patent drawings.
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