Secondary Market Research

Secondary Market Research & Data Analysis

We provide comprehensive Secondary Research and Secondary Data Analysis by using important industry-specific tools including reporting services, industry publications, and competitor data. Our secondary market research uses external source of information assembled by the government agencies, industry and trade associations, labor unions, media sources, chambers of commerce etc. that gives a strong foundation to your business.

What is Secondary Market Research?

Secondary market research can help you to better understand your industry as a whole. You will be able to identify how competitors work, important industry statistics, and other valuable insights, and more than this research is the best way that helps to get existing data and information about the position and potential ofyour industry and your competitors.

The data can be collected or gathered from:

  • 1. Articles
  • 2. E-books
  • 3. Infographics
  • 4. Videos
  • 5. White papers
  • 6. Pamphlets etc

Our Secondary Market research services, includes:

Industry Research

Industry research services help clients gain in-depth insights into the industry as well as competitors and regulations. Our Services include, Industry & Company Analysis, Market Assessment, Market Sizing Studies, and Competitive Benchmarking. For industry profiling services, we provide a complete overview of your industry, key competitors, potential opportunities, and more.

Branding Research

Einfolge's Branding research helps you to better understand your brand position, and then, to enhance that brand position in the marketplace. Effective brand management Is not just about sales, revenue and profit, but also about how the marketplace perceives your brand.

Company Research

Our company research services are designed to help and make youserlf perform business with all ease and confidence. We provide studies such as, Market Entry strategies, Diversification Strategy, Feasibility Studies, Market Due Diligence, product concept testing, Brand tracking, and Partner Identification Studies.

Market Assesement Study

Market Assessment is the evolution of the market for a product or service including the analysis of the market trends, assessing the competition and conducting market studies.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence helps businesses understand their competitive environment and the opportunities and challenges. In simple words, it is the ability to collect and use data or information on factors that affect an organization's competitive advantage.

When does a Secondary Market Research Useful?

Over Primary market research, the second priority will always goes to secondary market research. It plays a major role in market entry, hence many companies conduct secondary market research,as their first step.

Importance of Secondary market research for industries or organizations:

  • It paves way for primary market research.
  • It helps to get the relevant insights and customer data.
  • It helps to find the latest trends in the market
  • It helps in decision making.


With a deep focus on Market and Business Research we have created a benchmark in the industry for providing the Quality research data to our clients irrespective of their location. Our Secondary Research services like Industry Research, Company Research, Branding Research, Market Assessment study and Competitive Intelligence will help our clients to build a strong foundation totheir businesses.

Why Einfolge for Secondary Market Research?

  • Einfolge supports in identifying how big your industry is in terms of revenue and numbers of players.
  • We provide Comprehensive reports on market size, competitive presence, customer behavior and channel trends.
  • Our Competitive Intelligence services help clients make smarter, and faster decisions.
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