Primary Market Research

Primary Market Research

Einfolge's Primary market research reports are developed from scratch to address specific questions or issues related to your company. Primary research is a report that is produced by asking questions, conducting trials, and combining results through interviews, online surveys, focus groups, and observations, etc.

What is a Primary Market Research?

This research can be taken through Quantitative or Qualitative research.

  • 1. Quantitative Research
  • 2. Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research uses a scientific approach and it refers to the collection of data that cannot be measured. A hypothesis can be stated and the researcher tries to prove or disprove that hypothesis. The methods used in this quantitative research are usually easy to measure and the generated data can be analyzed mathematically. You can use basic market research methods such as interviews, polls, focus groups, and surveys to find out how customers feel about your product or service.

Sample Quantitative research questions are:

  • What made you buy our product or service?
  • How do you think our product or service stands up to competitors?
  • What features do you like about our product or service and why?
  • In what areas do you think our product or service could improve and why?

Qualitative Research

In Qualitative research, we can select the recognized qualitative methodologies that meet our individual client’s unique goals and design the study to effectively extract the relevant data or information. On considering the specifics of a client’s needs, we may employ qualitative methods, such as interviews with retailers, distributors, and customers to discover:

  • Consumers needs and requirements
  • Criteria for making purchasing decisions
  • Price-points and demands
  • Product quality impressions
  • Customer service concerns
  • Company’s reputation
  • Reputation of the product or service
  • Competitors’ direct and indirect reputations

When does a Primary Market Research Useful?

The main goal of any primary market research for entrepreneurs is to gain relevant insights into their target market that could not otherwise be gleaned from existing data or information. Primary research is most important for businesses or organizations or entrepreneurs because it helps them to gather first-hand information about the needs of the market.

Benefits from the first-hand information include:

  • Accuracy
  • Deeper Insights
  • More control on data or information
  • Results


Einfolge’s research team has done numerous market and business research analysis for both B2B and B2C companies/industries/firms to help them gain relevant insights into their targeted market.

Why Einfolge for Primary Market Research?

  • We deliver customized primary research services as per client requirements.
  • We conduct several research methods through observation, online interviews, polls, surveys, face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and online surveys to find how the customers and clients feel about your product or service for both B2B and B2C industries.
  • Our reports provide key trends, industry analysis, and in-depth analysis for the products, company and technology prepared by our dedicated professionals with good experience.
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