Patent Portfolio Analysis

Patent Portfolio Analysis & Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio analysis is performed to identify the relevant strength of all patents within the portfolio. Patent Portfolio Analysis is a categorization and assessment of patent by technology and/or by business unit, including verification of assignment. Our portfolio analysis and portfolio management will enable clients to make informed strategic decisions typically relating to patent filing, prosecution, patent abandonment, acquisition, divestiture, licensing, re-examinations, and litigation matters to help align the client’s IP vision with its business strategies.

What is Patent Portfolio Analysis?

A Patent portfolio mentions a group of patents that are owned by a single entity, such as a corporation or an individual. Patent portfolio analysis helps in analyzing a patent portfolio and determines the value of patents held by a corporation or an individual. It identifies the strength of issued patents based on multiple criteria, etc.

When does a Patent Portfolio Analysis Useful?

  • It helps to get an in-depth qualitative analysis of your company and your competitors.
  • It helps in developing important insights into evaluating the R&D scenario and strategizing your R&D investment with your patenting activities.
  • This Portfolio Analysis can help to identify the gaps in your patent claim coverage and, therefore, helps in building a patent claim.


Einfolge's expert team has successfully managed a wide variety of portfolio analysis projects with multiple objectives in different technical domains for providing an analysis of thousands of protected inventions to individuals, and corporations.

Why Einfolge for Portfolio Analysis?

  • We provide high-quality, customized, and cost-effective portfolio analysis reports.
  • We help you in identifying the potential candidates for licensing.
  • We also provide technical mapping reports to your patent portfolio.
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